Travel Progeny

By 2g1c2 girls 1 cup

01 February


I am amazed and over­whelmed by the scope of social media and all those that exist and inter­act within.   I am not sur­prised that peo­ple need at out­let to deal with life’s chal­lenges, or that they will get answers wher­ever the seem to exist. I am stunned by indi­vid­u­als’ will­ing­ness to share.  Yet, here I am.  I am stunned by that too.

I’m sure we all have our rea­sons. My rea­son: I have always writ­ten to myself– it is how set­tle the ram­blings in my mind.  Since I have had kids I am often too tired too busy to pri­or­i­tize my scrib­bling, but as I go with­out I find it’s per­sonal time that I need.  Maybe mak­ing it my “job” will make it a pri­or­ity. Besides, what dif­fer­ence does it make?  Isn’t it just as easy to get lost in plain sight?  In the future please for­give my can­dor– I only know how to write for myself. My sis­ter says I need to travel through life with an edi­tor… and a proof­reader.  I intend to make our trav­els the focus, but the kids are in school so travel time is more lim­ited.  Besides, every­day my chil­dren make me laugh, teach me some­thing and inspire me. Every­day I pass out exhausted from the day’s jour­ney.  Every­day I learn some­thing on that jour­ney… like the road I trav­eled yes­ter­day as I got lost within labyrinth of Twit­ter.  I was totally turned around, over­whelmed and sur­prised by the pos­si­bil­i­ties.   Still, all of the while, there was one thing was cer­tain: In cyber­space I was only as lost and alone as I chose to be.  Crazy. Com­fort­ing. Slightly, or maybe very, unsettling.