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26 January

The kids

G and ES @ Audubon Zoo, NOLA 2009

I am still con­sumed with under­stand­ing Word­Press and all of it’s Wid­gets and Plu­g­ins but it is time to begin writ­ing.  I’ll begin by intro­duc­ing my chil­dren, my travel com­pan­ions.  I’ll also warn you about my ques­tion­able use of punctuation.

Wak­ing up in the morn­ing is rea­son enough for my five year old ES to get fancy… the only thing bet­ter than one tutu is two… and some jew­els… and maybe a purse… and a hat… and, of course, some shiny shoes.   Any kind of appro­pri­ate out­door footwear com­pletely offends her sense of style.  Thank good­ness she’ll trek out­side in that tutu, kick of her shoes and roll around in a pile of leaves, climb a tree or bury her­self in the sand­box.  She’ll write, draw or sing songs she makes up for hours on end… unless she’s plan­ning a party. And, like all fancy girls, she dreams of being a bal­le­rina and/or a princess– as long as she doesn’t have to get mar­ried because boys are gross… espe­cially if you have to kiss them… and you have to kiss if your mar­ried so bet­ter not to risk it.  Who am I to argue with that kind of logic?

G is my lit­tle Turkey Bird… a boy in a house full of females stug­gling to be under­stood.   Okay, so I don’t think he really notices. He goes on about about his busi­ness con­fi­dent to do his own thing. Happy to ignore the obvi­ous silli­ness of being a girl unless it can be turned into an oppor­tu­nity to annoy one.  Fun is being out­side, meat, cars, balls and Layla, our Weimaraner. The other day he saw a Gym­boree ad with boys play­ing Lacrosse.  It is now his obses­sion.  I tried my default excuse: “You have to be 5 to.… play Lacrosse.” But he is not buy­ing it.  He wants to prac­tice till he’s 5.  I love it!  Do they even make lacrosse sticks that small?  I guess I’m going to find out. Yeah sports!

EllaSophia, Griffin, Sebastian, Helen and Layla the dog

ES, G, S, H and Layla our dog

I have 2 chil­dren but I have 4 at some point most days– my sister’s chil­dren: H, only 9 days older than G, and S who is 2. From the time they were born they have seen each other almost every day.  So, my sis­ter and I have 4 kids: ES(5), the twins H and G(3), and Sebas­t­ian (2).  They fight amongst them­selves but pro­tect each other from all per­ceived out­side threats– be it angry swan or mean peo­ple.  ES is their leader and she takes her job very seri­ously. Recently the twins, in their own secret lan­guage,  have begun stag­ing coups to over­throw the dic­ta­tor­ship but so far the upris­ings have been supressed.  H, is out faith­ful reporter, leav­ing no story untold. S still doesn’t have much to say but he’s going to be trou­ble– already real­iz­ing the power of cute and ES.   They are our rain­bow coali­tion and I love it!