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28 January

Sleeping on books

My chil­dren are ter­ri­ble sleep­ers.  They are now and they always have been.  As my sister’s chil­dren pass out on their own for long after­noon naps and again at a rea­son­able night­time hour my chil­dren linger on. Rou­tines, hours out­side hard at play, nap removal– noth­ing has helped.  I’m stick­ing with the rou­tine and hop­ing they catch on.  I don’t know what else to do. Right now G sits in his bed read­ing, fid­get­ing, and wait­ing for any­thing but sleep to happen.

Sleeping at last

Sleep­ing at last

ES has night ter­rors.  Not so long ago she would wake up in the mid­dle of the night, eyes open, scream­ing, talk­ing or cry­ing about some­thing that made no sense.  Some­times she would be walk­ing around.  It was so con­fus­ing until we fig­ured out that she was still asleep.  Then it all made sense.  I have those crazy dreams and I have as far back as I can remem­ber.  They are vivid, in color and I remem­ber them when I wake up.  They seem more tem­pered now but maybe it’s because I bet­ter under­stand what they are. Maybe it’s just because I’ve sorted out a way to cope. When I was lit­tle my mother told me that hav­ing dreams was just like watch­ing TV– that if you didn’t like what was on all you had to do was turn the chan­nel.  You turn the chan­nel flip­ping over your pil­low.  I know I did it and it com­forted me so I told ES. She’s a believer.  I heard her telling G that he didn’t need to be wor­ried about bad dreams because all he had to do was turn over his pil­low and the scary things would go away.

Last week I thought ES has fallen asleep read­ing and passed out on the open book rest­ing on her pil­low.  I go to remove it but she pops up and starts fran­ticly telling me that she needs it so that she won’t have bad dreams.  Appar­ently, if she sleeps with her head on a book she only has good dreams.  Okay.  Cleaver.  Who told her?  She says: “No one told me. One night I fell asleep on a book by acci­dent and that night I had good dreams.“  So, tonight, ES is asleep in her room on The Greedy Bee.

Maybe they are more phys­i­cally or men­tally exhausted when we travel but some­how the kids sleep bet­ter on the road.  Although my kids never had a favorite stuffed thing they car­ried every­where, I always pack a blan­ket of some sort in their back­pack.   I think it com­forts them to have their own smelly thing to cud­dle up to as the drift off to sleep. Plus it’s nice to have on a cold, ques­tion­able clean, air­plane, or train.  I guess now though I will also have to make sure we have a book.  I hope size doesn’t mat­ter.  I won­der if a mag­a­zine will work?  As always… what­ever it takes.

Sweet dreams everyone.