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13 January

Gear, etc…

If you have the right stuff (dis­trac­tions, snacks, med­i­cine, extra what­ever) in the right place (the per­fect bag) life is good. I try never to check bags. If you’re trav­el­ing with me you’re car­ry­ing your own stuff– no mat­ter that you’re only 2 and a half. If we can’t fit it into a “per­sonal bag”  bag and a bag that fits into that ridicu­lous metal box they keep at the gate then it’s not coming.

I’m for­ever in the search of the per­fect carry-on, the per­fect this bag or that bag… the small­est thing that will keep the kids dis­tracted for the longest amount of time… a durable, healthy snack that the kids will eat… that one object that does the work of 5 oth­ers. This is the place where I’ll put those things that have my trav­els eas­ier. I wel­come all suggestions!

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