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04 March

PBR Enterprise Rent-A-Car Invitational">Bull Riding: The PBR Enterprise Rent-A-Car Invitational

Outside the PBR Enterprise Rent-a-car InvitationalOn Sun­day we went to the PBR Enter­prise Rent-A-Car Invitational at the Scot­trade Cen­ter in down­town St. Louis.  We were so excited that Bull Rid­ing was com­ing to town– we being my par­ents, my sib­lings and me.  My dad and younger brother had been before but this was the first chance for the rest of us.  All of us were sure that the kids would love it!  Turns out the kids did love the open­ing cer­e­monies and all of the pyrotech­nics.  They were excited about being there in gen­eral: the bulls, the horse, the man on the horse with the rope, the bull rid­ers and the food ven­dors.  It started to all go south when they didn’t get any cot­ton candy (because no one in my fam­ily is pay­ing $9 for it.) Then they had to sit still with­out kick­ing the seats in front of them. Then they didn’t get any balls that were shot into the crowd (chances were slim– there were not that many).  Then they were still expected to sit in their seats with­out kick­ing the one in front of them.  It was just too long for them. Two of them fell asleep… three if you count my mother.  She said if was because H and S were so cud­dly but it was loud and, Hello! there was bull rid­ing going on.Us

It may have been too long for the lit­tle ones but the other 5 of us loved it.  We col­lec­tively held our breath every time they opened the gate– watch­ing the clock slowly, hope­fully click to 8. We were dis­ap­pointed when they didn’t make it and out of our seats when they did.  I don’t know how they do it!  I don’t know why they do it.  It is some­thing to see!  I love how proud the bulls are when they trot off vic­tors.  I don’t know how they get health insur­ance.  If we get a chance to go again next year we’re going… with­out the lit­tle ones or my mother.

Finally, a spe­cial thank you from all 10 of us to the unnamed guy from Scot­trade for upgrad­ing our seats!!

24 February

Fear of the Chinese Lion Dancers

Face of the Dancing LionIf you live in St. Louis you know that St. Louis is really St. Louis City (where I live) and St. Louis County and that St. Louis County is made up of all of these other lit­tle cities– Clay­ton, Kirk­wood, Ladue, Uni­ver­sity City, Mary­land Heights, Fron­tenac, Floris­sant, Olivette… The list seems to go on and on but the lines that sep­a­rate them kind of blur into one place.  Each of these lit­tle munic­i­pal­i­ties has their own com­mu­nity cen­ters and parks. As in cities every­where these com­mu­nity cen­ters hosts events.

Sun­day we went to the 9th Annual Inter­na­tional Cul­tural Arts Fes­ti­val at the Mary­land Heights Cen­tre.  This lit­tle fes­ti­val had eth­nic food offer­ings, ven­dors, a kid’s room and two stages of enter­tain­ment.  The smaller room where the smaller stage was always so crowded we could never fit but we could hear the fun music com­ing from inside.  The stage in the larger room hosted peo­ple per­form­ing dif­fer­ent styles of dance from around the globe.Coloring flower pots courtesy of the STL Art Museum

First we saw the Irish Dancers from a local school.  They were danc­ing in dresses that had sequins and iri­des­cent designs so ES was sold and wants to sign up.

Next came the Shaolin Lohan Pai Lion Dance Troupe–Southern Chi­nese Lion Dancers & Dai-Tou-Fut.  H and G acted like they were not so impressed because appar­ently the danc­ing lions had come to their school ear­lier in the week.  ES was excited but S was very ner­vous.  He was sus­pect when they were on stage but the sec­ond that they started to move among the crowd he pan­icked.  He strug­gled from my arms and clam­bered under the chairs, pop­ping up on the other side, keep­ing his eyes on that beast but hold­ing tight to the chair.  It was sad and so funny.  When they went back on stage he came back to his seat, but when one came down our isle he was back under the chair and this time had to hide under the coat draped over the chairs back.  When the per­for­mance was over and the lions were gone he came out reluc­tantly and we went to get some­thing to eat.  We made it as far as the lobby but who was there block­ing our path–two danc­ing lions. Poor, S.  He was on edge the rest of the day. Every time he heard a drum or cym­bal he was cer­tain a huge head that was out to eat him was close behind.watching some of the dancers

We finally made it though, ate, and then headed to the World Encoun­ters area where the kids painted flow­er­pots, played, and made pup­pets.  On the way out we stopped at the main stage one more time and caught the Afro-Cuban & Afro-Haitian Dancers.  All in all it was a good way to spend a rainy win­ter day.  Oh, and I for­got to men­tion that with the excep­tion of the food it was all for free.  Thank you Mary­land Heights and thank you to all of the amaz­ing per­form­ers for shar­ing a bit of your cul­ture with my chil­dren.  We will see you again next year!

06 February

The twins’ day @ The Magic House

listening to a story--the only time they were still all day

lis­ten­ing to a story–the only time they were still all day

When I was lit­tle I too loved the Magic House– who doesn’t remem­ber the first time you get to touch a giant metal ball and make your hair stand on end?  What is was then is noth­ing like what it is now.  It’s recent ren­o­va­tion and addi­tion has taken the place to a whole new level.

It was a sloppy day today: rain to snow, not to men­tion a sched­uled day off from school for many. I thought it would be packed but the kids never had to wait to play or explore.  We got there early for preschool play­time and stayed into the after­noon to explore the rest of the museum.  Not too long ago some of the exhibits were phys­i­cally to large or sim­ply just not inter­est­ing to them, but today they tried every­thing and loved it all.  They played in sand and water, slid down foamy slides and many-storied metal ones, stood in bub­bles, unknow­ingly exper­i­mented in a few sci­ence labs, lis­tened to a story, played music in ran­dom ways and even climbed a beanstalk.  My favorite part of the day though was after we left The Magic House.  G cried on the way to pick up ES from school because he couldn’t take her there imme­di­ately.  Not because he wanted to go back today but because he knew she would love all of the amaz­ing things he and H had discovered.

We were there for about 3 hours.  They were enter­tained for that whole time and so was I. They could have stayed longer.  We didn’t eat there but they do have a cafe with seating.

Go visit:

See more images from our day at The Magic House : Flickr slideshow

02 February

Forest Park in St. Louis

bridge by the ice rink

bridge by the ice rink

We live in St. Louis. I moved back here 8.5 months preg­nant after liv­ing in NYC for 10 years.  St. Louis is where I grew up.  St. Louis is where most of my fam­ily is.  St. Louis is a great place to raise kids.

Nearly every­day after I pick the kids up from school we head to the park with Layla.  We had been walk­ing up to the park near our house but to mix things up we’ve been explor­ing dif­fer­ent paths in For­est Park instead.  I love For­est Park!  Our first house was within walk­ing dis­tance so when ES was lit­tle we went nearly every­day.  Now it’s a drive, but it’s worth it.

For­est Park is St. Louis’ ver­sion of NY’s Cen­tral Park— just 500 acres larger.  It holds our Zoo (it’s FREE! every­day) and our Art Museum (also FREE!), most of The Sci­ence Cen­ter (Free!), Mis­souri His­tory Museum (you guessed it!), The Muny (an out­door theatre/concert space), an ice rink, 2 golf courses, ten­nis cen­ter, rac­quet­ball courts, ADA com­pli­ant play­ground, many sports fields, pic­nic pavil­ions and miles and miles of running/ cycling trails.  You could lit­er­ally spend days here, never repeat­ing activities.

More info:

•   For­est Park For­ever:

A not-for-profit ded­i­cated to pre­serv­ing and pro­mot­ing For­est Park. Their web­site has infor­ma­tion, maps and links to all things con­tained within For­est Park.

•   St. Louis Zoo:

•   St. Louis Sci­ence Cen­ter:

•   Mis­souri His­tory Museum:

•   St. Louis Art Museum:

•   The Muny:

Roam­ing the trails around For­est Park over the past weeks: