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11 January

Me. Why.

Who I am:  Leah.  Mother of 2 and some­times 4.  Trav­eler… for busi­ness, with kids, with dogs, with friends, with fam­ily… when I must and when I can. Lover of silence, com­mon sense, prac­ti­cal design and fam­ily. Inspired by pos­si­bil­i­ties. Intrigued by peo­ple and our idio­syn­crasies. Reader. Researcher.  Crafter.  Cre­ator.  Believer.

Why I am writ­ing: There are two reasons.

One:  I’ve never hes­i­tated to pack up my dog, then my daugh­ter and my dog, and now all of the kids and a more resilient dog and take them where ever when­ever.  Since I stepped with­out hes­i­ta­tion it didn’t occur to me that oth­ers were a lit­tle less com­fort­able explor­ing with their chil­dren.  As I spend more time with other par­ents I am sur­prised to find that’s the case. Hope­fully this will empower those that are inspired but ner­vous.  I am a research fanatic.  If I can’t find what I think I need I fig­ure out how to make it.   So…  I thought since I’m look­ing stuff up, try­ing stuff out any­way I’d put it all in one place.  No need for us all to make the same mis­takes trav­el­ing or spend the hours research­ing the same things.  We’ve got kids.  We need more sleep, less stress and some me time… or atleast I do.

Two:  I would like to be bet­ter at keep­ing far away fam­ily updated with the hap­pen­ings of ES and G.  I have so far failed.  Maybe this will help me be dili­gent.  For this rea­son there will be pic­tures– maybe lots and lots.

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