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13 March

How we made an earring hanger

Earring HangerES has pierced ears so ES has ear­rings.  When you have more than a few pieces there is always that prob­lem of what to do with them so that they can be both orga­nized and eas­ily found.  I wanted some­thing that would secure ear­rings indi­vid­u­ally so that they would stay orga­nized if it fell or was moved. I wanted to be able to hang it and most impor­tantly I wanted to make it with stuff I had at home.  This is what I came up with:

Total work time: about an hour  (if kids help)


  • (1) Wooden child’s hanger with hanger grooves and a bot­tom bar.  You can also use an adult hanger if you want some­thing big­ger.  I would stay away from plas­tic but a sturdy metal would work.  If you choose to use the wire hang­ers from the drycleaner I would use 2 or 3 together and wrap them in strips of cloth or ribbon.
  • (1) Sheet of plas­tic mesh at least the width of your hanger
  • Rib­bon or cord­ing at least 10 times the length of your plas­tic mesh
  • Beads with holes that can fit onto your cord or ribbon
  • Scis­sors

What to do:

  1. If you have not already cut the plas­tic mesh to the width of the hanger do that now.
  2. Cut your cording/ rib­bon in to  (4) lengths equal to 8.5 times the length of your plas­tic mesh
  3. Weave the cording/ribbon through the plas­tic mesh leav­ing about a quar­ter length at the bot­tom.  Along the side go up theclose-up view row clos­est to the edge the entire length of the mesh, over the bot­tom bar, over the groove notch and back down again.  Cross the cord­ing before you get to the bot­tom bar then take it the oppo­site way over the bot­tom bar than you went on the way. Make it tight so the mesh doesn’t slide back and forth.  Weave the rib­bon back down the plas­tic mesh in the row right next to the row you used before.  If you want to use beads slide them onto both strands of the cord.  Knot. Repeat on other edge.
  4. Divide the remain­der of the mesh into at least thirds.  I used fifths. Use the remain­der of the ribbon/cording to go up and down those lines loop­ing it around the bot­tom bar of the hanger, knot­ting, then con­tin­u­ing the weave down the next line.  Add the beads to the bot­tom (or not)and knot.

Done.  Or…

I added ES’s name to the top of hers with stick­ers since I also made one for each of my nieces.  At the time ES was too lit­tle with too short of an atten­tion span to do all of the weav­ing but beads on a string she could do.   I used rain­bow col­ored beads at the bot­tom because I was look­ing for a way to include ES and work on her col­ors.  We sorted our pony beads by color then ES strung them on.  When we put her ear­rings on we sorted them by color to match the beads.  The lit­tle mesh bag in the pic­ture is where we keep extra ear­ring backs.

We’ve used it for years and it works great– ear­rings stay put and there is room for a few neck­laces, bracelets, a watch and even a few rings.

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