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04 March

PBR Enterprise Rent-A-Car Invitational">Bull Riding: The PBR Enterprise Rent-A-Car Invitational

Outside the PBR Enterprise Rent-a-car InvitationalOn Sun­day we went to the PBR Enter­prise Rent-A-Car Invitational at the Scot­trade Cen­ter in down­town St. Louis.  We were so excited that Bull Rid­ing was com­ing to town– we being my par­ents, my sib­lings and me.  My dad and younger brother had been before but this was the first chance for the rest of us.  All of us were sure that the kids would love it!  Turns out the kids did love the open­ing cer­e­monies and all of the pyrotech­nics.  They were excited about being there in gen­eral: the bulls, the horse, the man on the horse with the rope, the bull rid­ers and the food ven­dors.  It started to all go south when they didn’t get any cot­ton candy (because no one in my fam­ily is pay­ing $9 for it.) Then they had to sit still with­out kick­ing the seats in front of them. Then they didn’t get any balls that were shot into the crowd (chances were slim– there were not that many).  Then they were still expected to sit in their seats with­out kick­ing the one in front of them.  It was just too long for them. Two of them fell asleep… three if you count my mother.  She said if was because H and S were so cud­dly but it was loud and, Hello! there was bull rid­ing going on.Us

It may have been too long for the lit­tle ones but the other 5 of us loved it.  We col­lec­tively held our breath every time they opened the gate– watch­ing the clock slowly, hope­fully click to 8. We were dis­ap­pointed when they didn’t make it and out of our seats when they did.  I don’t know how they do it!  I don’t know why they do it.  It is some­thing to see!  I love how proud the bulls are when they trot off vic­tors.  I don’t know how they get health insur­ance.  If we get a chance to go again next year we’re going… with­out the lit­tle ones or my mother.

Finally, a spe­cial thank you from all 10 of us to the unnamed guy from Scot­trade for upgrad­ing our seats!!

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