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06 February

The twins’ day @ The Magic House

listening to a story--the only time they were still all day

lis­ten­ing to a story–the only time they were still all day

When I was lit­tle I too loved the Magic House– who doesn’t remem­ber the first time you get to touch a giant metal ball and make your hair stand on end?  What is was then is noth­ing like what it is now.  It’s recent ren­o­va­tion and addi­tion has taken the place to a whole new level.

It was a sloppy day today: rain to snow, not to men­tion a sched­uled day off from school for many. I thought it would be packed but the kids never had to wait to play or explore.  We got there early for preschool play­time and stayed into the after­noon to explore the rest of the museum.  Not too long ago some of the exhibits were phys­i­cally to large or sim­ply just not inter­est­ing to them, but today they tried every­thing and loved it all.  They played in sand and water, slid down foamy slides and many-storied metal ones, stood in bub­bles, unknow­ingly exper­i­mented in a few sci­ence labs, lis­tened to a story, played music in ran­dom ways and even climbed a beanstalk.  My favorite part of the day though was after we left The Magic House.  G cried on the way to pick up ES from school because he couldn’t take her there imme­di­ately.  Not because he wanted to go back today but because he knew she would love all of the amaz­ing things he and H had discovered.

We were there for about 3 hours.  They were enter­tained for that whole time and so was I. They could have stayed longer.  We didn’t eat there but they do have a cafe with seating.

Go visit:

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